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There’s Plenty of Great Restaurants in South West Rocks

Dining out in South West Rocks is a great alternative to cooking up a storm in your cabin kitchen or the BBQ by the pool. Fortunately, there are good cafes and restaurants in South West Rocks to choose from. The locals are used to eating fresh, local ingredients and that’s exactly what you can expect from the restaurants and cafes in South West Rocks.

Tasty choice of Restaurants in South West Rocks

Classic Aussie Cuisine
Here are a few restaurants and cafes in South West Rocks that offer more traditional Aussie meals:
Sixty Degrees South West Rocks
Malt & Honey
SWR Seafood – Buy your fresh fish to cook at the cabin or BBQ
The Full Circle Eatery
Riverside Tavern – a short stroll from Salt @ South West Rocks

Asian and Italian
Try these if you fancy either something more exotic or an authentic pizza
Pizza on the Rocks
Chillati Gelato – Ice cream!
Paragon Pizzeria
Cantonese Inn

Whatever you fancy, there’s a restaurant in South West Rocks for you.