South West Rocks has many stunning and pristine beaches, whether you are a surfer, bodyboarder, swimmer or just like to soak in the ocean, then South West Rocks is the place to be.

Some of our favourite beaches are:

Trial Bay Beach
With the numerous colours of blue, Trial Bay Beach is just so beautiful and picturesque. The beach is protected from southerly swells and therefore it is ideal for children, paddlers, snorkelers and for those who just want to float away.

Horseshoe Bay Beach
Horseshoe Bay Beach is located right in town and is very popular with families wanting to swim or for those wanting to catch a wave.

When the swell arrives from an east coast low, Horseshoe Bay Headland is a great vantage point to watch the experienced surfers in action.
** This is a patrolled beach

Little Bay
This tiny beach is so pretty, and you will often see kangaroos on and around the beach. Little Bay can also provide a decent wave for surfers.

Gap Beach
Gap Beach is a very popular surfing beach for the locals, here you will find both left and right handers. The headland at either end of Gap beach is great for rock fishing.
**Accessible by 4wd only.

 North Smoky Beach (Lighthouse Beach)
Lighthouse beach is very secluded and is only accessible by a graded track. The walk down to Lighthouse beach is lovely and picture perfect, once you are down on the beach you will pretty much have it to yourself.

South Smoky Beach
South Smoky Beach is popular with 4WDrivers, as this beach will take you all the way through to Hat Head. South Smoky is great for beach fishing as it has long / deep gutters, the headland is also very good for rock fishing.
**A permit is required to drive on the beach.


Image credit: Destination NSW

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