Salt at South West Rocks was opened in August 2019, with 9 Luxury Villas. In November 2020, an additional 7 Villas were added to the property.

Salt @ South West Rocks is owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team, Bruce Davidson & Gayle Edwards.

We were both extremely excited to have had the opportunity of purchasing this business in late 2020, as it was always a dream to own an accommodation business and now it has finally come to fruition.

We have travelled extensively over the years, both domestically and internationally, and during these travels we have come to know the type of accommodation that we would like to operate and Salt @ South West Rocks happens to be it.

We will ensure that our guests are looked after and that our property is well maintained, clean and comfortable, the ideal setting for a perfect holiday.

We allow our guests to enjoy their privacy, however if anything is required from our guests, we are more than happy to assist.

It is our aim to ensure all guests love our property and that they have a fantastic, memorable and a tranquil stay at Salt @ South West Rocks.

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